Tuesday, 24 December 2013

How to make halwa?

 Iwill show you how to make halwa in Oman
  • first  we used large bowel with water and put it at fire,some are use wood because it is easy to use and fastly.
  • than add white and brown sugar and stir the sugar a lot
  • next add eggs because it help to clean everything bad and it grow to the top and the poeple can catch it.
  •  after half an houre add starch with still stir more because starch make the halwa thicker.
  •  next add ghee because it get the halwa more delicious
  • than add some nuts and cardamom
  •  after three hours add saffron with rose water
  • finally they put it in different bowel with different size


It is really deliciuse and traditional food in oman.did you like it?I hope every one enjoy my blog and benefit.l hope every one who read my blog go to eat halwa.
Thank you and i will meet you for next blog.
see you


what you think about my blog?

Omani halwa can found at many home and it eat with drink coffe.They used it when they have guests and when they have celebrities for example:Eid,married,birthday and new child birth.

Omani halwa is different from factory to others.we can found some factory make halwa with a lote of sugar or alote of nuts.it is different quality and price.most of poeple prefer the one type of halwa.at aid the peice are increase because alote of poeple going to buy it.we can not found home without halwa in oman especialy at aid.the quality of halwa can still more than four month.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Type of halwa:

They are many type of halwa still maked by omani people until now and it development with technology for example:

The yellow halwa

The black halwa

and Saffron halwa

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Components of halwa:

White sugar and brown sugar




Rose water                                Saffron







 In Oman people make halwa by different material for example:

halwa with dates,

halwa with milk,

halwa with red sugar

halwa with honey.